Whether you barbecue on a popularly priced grill or a top-of-the-line, stainless, multi-burner behemoth, some things don’t change. Sparks, spills, grease and flare-ups are inevitable when cooking and eating in your backyard, whether it involves feeding the family or entertaining a crowd. Outdoor living can cause serious damage to a patio, porch or deck in which you’ve made a substantial financial investment and perhaps devoted many hours of labor. As outdoor rooms become increasingly popular, many decks and patios are getting bigger and more deluxe, which translates to more costly.

You can, however, invest a few dollars in a grill pad now to avoid spending thousands of dollars later replacing or repairing the damaged outdoor living surface. U.S. homeowners currently spend over $230 billion annually on remodeling and renovation, and a full third of that staggering amount is for outdoor amenities, with decks and patios a priority. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reports that more than half the 1.8 million new homes built have decks, patios or porches.

The “Original” Grill Pad is a lightweight, flexible, fiber-cement deck protector that is so durable, it will outlast most grills. It is easily cleaned with a garden hose and “breathes” to minimize water buildup that can cause stains and even mildew on the expensive surface beneath it. You’ll want one under each of your outdoor heating appliances including grills, smokers, turkey fryers, chimeneas or fire pits.

The pads are available in five designer colors to match any outdoor d├ęcor. Choose from a 30-inch round or a 30 x 42-inch oval or rectangle shape in Earthtone, Berry Black, Granite Grey, Big Green or Brick Red. 

Besides, there’s now a Collegiate Edition. Currently, there are almost 50 college team logos available and more will be added soon. They are popular with college sports fans and alumni and make a great gift for just about any occasion.