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✔ SLICE FOOD WITH EASE and have everyone commenting on how well these knives glide through their food. Forged with a stunning Japanese-inspired Santoku blade design, with COMFORTABLE and ergonomic handles that are great to hold.

✔ EASY TO SHARPEN and WILL NOT RUST or stain. With QUALITY GERMAN steel you will not be frustrated and embarrassed by blunt kitchen knives anymore. Marksford stand by our products with a 2 year money back GUARANTEE

✔STRONG, ELEGANT and RELIABLE! Made with premium micarta, a material used by professionals due to it being virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE, WATER REPELLENT and HYGIENIC. These steak knives will look great for years.

✔ GUARANTEED SHARP OUT OF THE BOX! No more tearing or ripping your food. These knives will GLIDE THROUGH YOUR STEAK LIKE BUTTER with our strict quality assurance ensuring super SHARP blades. Rest assured YOUR GUESTS will be IMPRESSED!

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Why Trust Us?

Dean has been involved in the kitchen industry for over two decades now. His passion and love for culinary arts has propelled him to launch his very own premium kitchen brand on Amazon. Aside from his love for the finer things, you can commonly catch Dean hanging out on the golf course, or spending quality time with his family. We invite you with open arms to join the Marksford fam! We are family owned and operated which means we will take amazing care of you 🙂

Thanks so much for your trust and we sincerely hope you LOVE your new set of MARKSFORD KNIVES! 

Dean Williams

Founder/CEO | Marksford

How Does This Work?

Step One

Place your order at full price, just as you would normally. As soon as you complete the purchase, send us an email at with your amazon order ID: Usually a 17 digit number that looks like this (111-2222222-3333333), or screenshot of your receipt.

Step Two

Also be sure to include your PayPal email address in the email so we can re-reimburse you 50% of your purchase price as soon as Amazon ships the product. Please allow 2-3 days for us to reimburse you money because we do this manually 1-by-1. 


Step Three

Enjoy your knives knowing that you got the best price you will ever see for these beautiful blades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? 

We’re a leading and trusted kitchen brand on amazon.We craft each and every product with love and attention to detail. In an effort to increase our ranking on Amazon, and generate social buzz…we’re giving 50% back on 32 of these – no catch whatsoever. 

How long does it take to get my money back? 

Great question. Most other rebate providers take at least 30 days to issue rebates back to the customer. We get you 50% of your money back within 2-3 business days via PayPal, which is a huge reason why customers absolutely love our promotions!

How can I be sure this is safe? 

We totally get it… It can be hard shelling out your hard earned money to buy a product at full price, with the expectation that you will get your money returned back in 2-3 days. Trust that we have built a great reputation and have now amassed a loyal club of followers who take us up on our deals every time we announce one! If we scammed people, we’d have been out of business a long time ago 🙂 Not to mention… the sale occurs on (the worlds most trusted platform).

Is leaving a review on Amazon required? 

Absolutely not. Leaving a review is not required in exchange for participating in this rebate promotion. Amazon’s terms of service is strictly against that. That being said… you are certainly free to leave a review if you love the product, and would enjoy doing so. 

What’s the catch? 

As stated previously… NO CATCH! The reason we’re offering this insane 50% rebate promotion is to spread the word and generate “social buzz” for our products. We’re a small, hard working businesses trying to get a foothold on Amazon!

Can I get more than one? 

No sorry. We limit 1 rebate per customer, as to get this product in as many hands as possible with the very limited amount of inventory we have to work with. It’s very important that you take advantage ASAP to ensure you can get one.

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