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What People are Saying

Carol Barry (Amazon)

These knives are amazing! They cut a steak like it was butter. I was originally looking for Damascus steak knives, but these are a terrific substitute if the price of Damascus steel gives you sticker shock. These knives are beautiful, well balanced, and extremely sharp (BTW they come with a sharpener to keep them that way).

Jason Buffalow (Amazon)

I love knives, meat, and happen to be a bbq caterer. I recently purchased this new set of steak knives for my home use. I was very impressed with the quality, finish and the sharpness. I have dozens of knives and these are as good or better then even much more expensive knives. I have yet to have to sharpen them and they still look brand new. I would (and have) recommend this set to my family and friends.

Robert Bell (Amazon)

I have been looking for months for a high quality, high grade steel, non- serrated steak knives. My search is over after finding these MARKSFORD Steak Knives.
I received my knives yesterday and had to make a Filet Mignon steak dinner just for the opening of my very beautifully packaged knives. 2 Day shipping was wonderful.
They are exquisite. Extremely beautiful. Better then any other steak knife I have ever used. They cut so cleanly. The Filets were wonderful, Lobster tonight…
I am looking for more of your cutlery to come up for sale. I will actually be buying another set of these steak knives to make a setting of 8.
The seller is very personable and proud of his product and rightfully so.
Thanks so much.
Robert B.

Leah (Amazon)

We have been looking for a quality set of steak knives and these didn’t disappoint. They are beautifully made and high end!! All in all, we are extremely pleased with the quality of these knives. A great choice if you are looking for quality knives at a great price!!

Dave R (Amazon)

High quality knives for an affordable price! They feel great in the hand, nice weight, sturdy feel, elegant packaging, and they cut brilliantly.

TheYaya (Amazon)

The knives just feel good in your hand..great balance, great size, and great looking! The smooth blade just cut through the steak like butter, and my husband really liked the inclusion of the sharpener! Super purchase!!

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